The DisQuiet of Fashion: telling stories

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Once upon a time… This is how all stories begin, in this same way The DisQuiet takes the first of many steps! The motto comes from tradition, which apparently never goes back to trail the same path again but is where we ground our references. In due course, also tradition has been full of uncertainty and unfathomable. But in small steps it brought us the solid basis we now have.

We are sharing a short film of Coco Chanel’s story, as we might be sharing any other, being all stories so similar amongst themselves when it comes to ground fashion and European style. Each and every one of us draws a story, as human and as a builder of culture. In fashion, stories are usually de depiction of an inconspicuous hero who, at a given time, rises to an extraordinary feat. Elevating him to divinity as a consequence. And this is why the story of fashion and style is always the story of uneasiness. That story, we intend to tell in present tense as it happens. With occasional indentations in the past, searching for the best way to gain insights on the future.

The DisQuiet is dedicated to this constant turmoil, in full extent and not only constrained by dressing but also dedicated to being, as space and place to relentlessly look for renewal. As Eugène Ionesco states, “we have no time to take our time”, because being of our time is being out-dated already. And this also explains what fashion is, a Theatre of the Absurd in which beauty and ugliness coexist; in which triviality is also extraordinary and whose most coherent explanation most likely lives in the imaginary and regulated by the laws of exception world of Pataphysics.

This absurdity is no more than the story of each creator’s solitude and fears, in the eternal quest for transforming banality in singularity. By absurdity, trivial and excessively seen, becomes unusual and never seen again and again… with a twist.

Dreadful and marvelous as it is, this anxious weirdness is the fashion in itself “a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months”, as Wilde said. Those stories of Empire de L’éphémère and its permanent DisQuiet are what we intend to tell.

Mary and The DisQuiet