Agva, the culture is in the detail


Agva, the culture is in the detail

Agva, the culture is in the detail

Agva isn’t only an address at Porto, Portugal. It is a whole atmosphere where dressing stories come to life. This space, with a window facing Porto’s downtown, has been imagined to become the face of Álvaro’s creative spirit, making Agva’s identity visible. Each object tells the story of its own culture. And the culture is in the detail. The leading actor of this story is always the one who wears the garment as a second nature, sharing the same culture.


Álvaro Fernandes, by DisQuiet Mary

Each garment aims to be the perfect fusion between shape and matter. A second skin in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Carefully selected raw material combines noble fibers with colors obtained through natural pigment and dyeing methods.

One size does not fit all

Agva is the opposite pole of mass production. Customization is written on its DNA since the first garment produced in 2009, shirts made to order. Today, shirts are only part of Agva’s product line, which comprises jackets, trousers, suits, shoes or accessories, following the exact same minimal ID, in which less, is more.


Agva Collar, by DisQuiet Mary

The product line is never extensive and never finished. New products are added when its existence makes sense in Agva’s nature, atmosphere and históry.

Far from the clean and ironed “styled as expected” tradition, Agva nurtures a sense of rebellion, decadence, and asymmetry. As an everlasting admirer of British elegance, Italian tailoring or french luxury, the brand remains firmly anchored to its Mediterranean culture, less conventional and moving at its own pace, with charisma and attitude.


Agva Acetate Sunglasses in Retro Style, by DisQuiet Mary

The accessories collection became a success amongst those who visit the space. Shoes, bags, and belts; bracelets, pens, sunglasses or gadgets. Álvaro describes thoroughly the conception of each one these objects like the hand sculpted acetate glasses, the arm modeling detail, and the precise rivet application.

Agva Fitting Room, by DisQuiet Mary


Agva has several services, with different levels of customization. Bespoke Tailoring is a customer-centered service, based on personal choice of raw material. Recovers hand made methods in which the millimeter is the king commanding button placement and seaming.  The made-to-measure service allows the customer to have the garment manufactured from scratch at his own measures.

Agva Fitting Room, by DisQuiet Mary

Agva: from Porto to the world

Made-to-measure has been the starting point to a small series production system developed by Agva. The customer can now find Agva garment which maintains superior fitting quality in every size produced. This allowed Agva to be available in latitudes like Italy, the United States or the e-commerce platform  The Goods from Oporto, building a window, wide opened to the world.

Agva Details, by DisQuiet Mary


As for the window facing Porto downtown, it is also opened towards the inside, where each object mirrors Agva’s culture. Because culture is in the details. If one understands, everything is “clear as Agva” and one becomes a part.

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